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March 2022 Carolyn Barber

Kupel's Bakery in Brookline, MA

Since the start of the pandemic, my son and I haven’t been to New York City for our yearly adventures. We would drive to Stamford, CT and take the train into Penn Station and then walk to our hotel located near The Oculus, a beautifully designed building meant to resemble a dove taking flight


We would walk 10-15 miles a day, wandering the streets of the city looking for new places for us to try. Leo’s Bagels located on 3 Hanover Square has been a regular jaunt for us as their warm, crusty, and chewy hand rolled bagels are simply irresistible and quintessential ‘New York style.’ Although they have over eighteen different spreads, my go-to has always been a whole wheat everything bagel with scallion cream cheese. 

a sliced everything bagel with cream cheese on a plate
exterior of bagel bakery with blue awning and windows

To satisfy bagel cravings in our own hometown, we head to Kupel's Bakery located at 421 Harvard St in Brookline, MA. Pronounced ‘couples,’ this neighborhood bakery has been open since 1978. With over twenty different bagels and spreads to choose from this is THE PLACE to visit if ever in the area.  Made three times a day, these kosher parve bagels are always guaranteed fresh. There is nothing like a warm thick slightly crispy bagel with a soft chewy middle, smeared with a cream cheese bursting through the center hole and sides. Kupel’s also serves over twenty-five different sandwiches named after Boston subway stops. There’s not much seating inside, however there are plenty of parks and benches around for a casual get together with friends or family. 


Kupel’s Bakery is located five minutes away from Coolidge Corner, a local neighborhood filled with quaint shops and cafes. 

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