Empty beauty product boxes and containers ready for recycling

This is all we've got.

We’re mindful of the impact we have on the earth, and work toward as small a footprint as possible. We know there is more work to do and there is no clear-cut answer to this massive problem. Presently, both our shipping materials and FSC-certified secondary (outer) packaging are 100% recyclable in your paper/cardboard waste container. For recycling of compacts, pens, tubes, and more, we’ve partnered with Pact Collective’s Mail-Back Program.


Together we are closing the loop on the industry’s hard-to-recycle packaging. As Flyte.70 grows and evolves, so will our packaging goals.  We invite our US customers to mail 5-10 clean, empty beauty products to Pact’s recycling facility. Our goal: as little packaging sent to the landfill or making its way into the ocean as possible.


To participate in the Mail Back Program, click the button below to help us take responsibility for our industry’s impact on the planet.


Finally, we believe that the conversation on sustainability must also include the role brands and companies play when it comes to incessant and often unnecessary product launches which play on consumers' FOMO. Healthy spending habits include #hittingthepan and #empties.