ColorBack.Burnished Bronze


0.29oz / POIDS NET WT. 8.5g

  • Radiant
  • Sunkissed
  • Multitasking

A silky, multihued bronzer that creates believable, sun-kissed radiance. Dust over the entire face, or brush along key areas to reboot a tired complexion. Softly contour or brush the bronze and peach shades along your eyelid and crease. Subtle light reflectors and a hint of burnished rose give a natural, healthy glow with a luminous, not sparkly finish. The moisturizing properties of plant-based Squalane and a blend of natural triglycerides help prevent water loss. and leave the skin looking fresh and radiant.  ColorBack.Burnished Bronze may also be used as a blush on fair-to-medium skin tones by simply using the center of the river pattern. Those with dark-to-deeper tones may use the entire powder for an all-over radiance effect. 

Pairs beautifully with...

  1. Use a fluffy brush with bristles that are slightly tapered in the middle and softer around the edge.
  2. ColorBack.Burnished Bronze works beautifully as a simple blush for fair to light skin tones.
  3. On medium to deeper skin tones, brush all over for a radiant effect.