HazyView.Dense Eyeshadow


0.05oz / POIDS NET WT. 1.7g

  • Satiny
  • Smoldering
  • Buildable

A modern eye statement that does not require a multi-pan palette. HazyView.Dense Eyeshadow singles were built for a clean, simple, elegant eye. Densely packed with pigment, the mature skin-friendly formula is smooth and buildable thanks to plant-based Squalane and Fatty Acids, which allow the powder to blend seamlessly over the skin. Smudge across the lash line in lieu of eyeliner or buff across the lid and above the crease for a hazy, diffused look. Go rock-star chic by adding additional layers or create a graphic, crease-cut eye for the epitome of bold and brash. The options are simply endless in one single pan. The velvety texture leaves a rich satin finish, sans chalkiness.

Pairs beautifully with...

  1. Blend the shadow into the lash line and toward the crease for a soft look. The fluffier the brush, the hazier the effect.
  2. Use as a diffused liner below the lower lash line instead of a pencil. This gives a softer look and helps balance out and define the eye.