• February 2022
  • Carolyn Barber

February Picks

I absolutely love skincare and depending on the season, I use many different products. One of my yearlong essentials is Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50.This vitamin-rich emollient protects and hydrates my skin, without leaving that typical sunscreen scent and tackiness.  


Twenty years ago when our Boston boutique, E6 apothecary was up and running, the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler was always a top seller and we could never keep it in stock. This award-winning tool is still the best out there despite numerous attempts to outdo its design. The uniquely curved design allows for various eye shapes to safely curl their lashes without the pinch. Your lashes will have a smooth curl without the crimp. Follow Up with our Fundamental Mascara, a gentle, conditioning, and non-clumping mascara that will keep your lashes curled for eye-opening peeps. 


And finally, barkTHINS. I have seen them on the shelves, while often passing them by, but this was the first time I’ve tried them. The savory salted pretzel is covered in a rich dark chocolate. This is the perfect treat if you’re undecided between sweet or salty.