About Flyte.70

Flyte.70 is a beauty brand for people who feel as youthful as we were when the number of candles on our birthday cake was cut by half. We thoughtfully craft makeup that looks and feels modern and luxurious, and that works with—not against—the concerns of grown-up skin. By using quality ingredients that hydrate and glide over the skin, plus lend a natural glow, we help you create an elevated version of you—beautiful yet authentic, and polished, not “perfect.”


We know you “travel” in many different directions throughout the day. We’ve created a carefully edited, highly wearable collection of uncommon basics to help eliminate the guesswork—giving you more time to enjoy the present.


Flyte.70 is for people who understand that life is about embracing, not fighting, change. It’s for people who reject the “cloak of invisibility” that social media assigns to us as we age. It’s for those who know that no matter how many layers of concealer, frosted eyeshadow, or prismatic primer we apply, we won’t magically transform into our 20-year-old selves—and that’s more than okay.


Flyte.70 will help you look fresh and vibrant, and create new personal rituals that effortlessly adapt to your evolving beauty routine.