• July 2022
  • Carolyn Barber

July Picks

This limited edition BTS/Amora Pacific lip mask is one of my all-time favorite lip treatments. Elena knows I love my boy bands and so she surprised me with this wonderful treat. The buttery, hydrating formula is enriched with vitamin C and has a slightly sweet gummy bear scent. I slather this on every evening and wake up in the morning with soft and supple lips. 


Because I like to have lighter meals during the day, one staple in my kitchen is Joseph’s Flax Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Lavash. With only sixty calories per serving, six grams of protein, and six grams of net carbs, this lavash is so delicious, you really won’t miss the original. It’s perfect to roll up with a Greek salad. 


Dear Polly from Vilhelm Parfumerie has been one of my favorite perfumes for the past five years.  I discovered it when I worked for Barneys and learned the beautiful love story behind it. This elegant perfume is perfect for those who prefer lighter scents. Top notes include bergamot and apple while middle notes include black tea and Ceylon boasting a soft dry-down of a musk and black amber. 


Humidity levels in Boston are always high in the summertime, but no matter what I’ve used, I have never been able to tame the frizz . That is, until I rediscovered my hair diffuser. I’ve had a Dyson hairdryer for many years now, but I’ve only used the one standard attachment. While I was trying to tame my unruly hair, one day, I suddenly remembered that in the eighties when I had a perm I used a diffuser to keep the curls in place. Whether you have a Dyson or any other hair dryer at home, try attaching a diffuser to it to keep your hair smooth and contained.