• November 2021
  • Carolyn Barber

November Picks

Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream is simply one of my favorite hand creams ever! Constant hand washing and sanitizing really wreaks havoc on your skin. All you need is a tiny dab, roughly the size of ½ of a pea. Your hands will instantly feel hydrated and soft, without greasiness. I especially love using this before bed on both my hands and heels. If you decide to use it on your feet, use a full pea-size amount on each foot. Your hands and feet will thank you!


When I want to put my hair up but in a more sophisticated way than just pinning it on the top of my head, these Hand Forged Hair Forks from Wenz Jewelry are game changers. I have them in various lengths and keep them everywhere: at home, in my vanity bag, in my car, at the office. Depending on my mood, I simply twist my hair up and slide a fork through. I also love their stacked metal bracelets and black leather/silver bracelets. You can wear as many as you like, but my favorite look is to stack 3 to 8 pieces at a time. Makes me feel like a rock star.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Minis with pretzels. I discovered these when I sent a care package to my nephew, who raved about them. Being a junk food junkie, I had to try them. Chocolate peanut butter cups with pieces of pretzels—how can you go wrong? You CAN’T! This perfect combination of sweet and salty will balance out your taste buds, which leads to my next favorite discovery. 


Te-Rich Resistance Bands. After indulging in Reese’s Minis and other treats I shouldn’t be eating, I grab these nonslip comfort bands to help give my workouts extra resistance. Great for glute bridges, squats, walking lunges, and even working on your inner/outer thighs. Who needs a ThighMaster when you have these?