• June 2022
  • Elena Frankel

June Picks

I’ve struggled with hyper-pigmentation since I was pregnant with my first child twenty years ago. Since then, anything from the sun, heat, stress, or hormone fluctuations seem to trigger it. Besides wearing hats and staying out of the sun, Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 is my daily go-to for annual protection. The soft lotion absorbs quickly and smells pleasantly unlike that typical sunblock scent in many other products. It has a cult following and there’s no question why.


When preparing a salad just for myself, I rely on these personal-sized olive wood salad servers I had purchased in Greece a few years ago.  They are the perfect size to toss around a single serving of veggies or fruit.


While on the topic of Greece, evil eye bracelets from Chan Luu, Wenzhandmade and an unknown Greek artist are my year-round choice of jewelry for my wrists. I love their designs, their delicacy, and the symbolism of the ‘mati.’


Hooray for grill season! Trader Joe’s BBQ Coffee Rub and Seasoning is also on heavy rotation from Memorial Day through Labor Day and beyond. When massaged onto a juicy steak or pork chop, this earthy, garlicky dry rub blend takes on a whole new level for your tastebuds.


Finally, I’m the first to admit that I can be scattered and flighty, so candles are sometimes a hazard for me to keep around. Fragrance diffusers are a much better option for people like me. I love the variety of options from World Market, and literally everyone comments on the one we keep in our pop-up shop down at the Seaport in Boston. The subtle, sweet blend of coconut and sea salt keeps our customers in our space a little while longer and we’re perfectly fine with that. :)