• May 2022
  • Elena Frankel

May Picks

When the humidity levels start to rise, I replace my milky cleanser with a non-stripping invigorating cleansing gel. Elemis Pro-Collagen Face Cleanser smells divine and feels luxurious and energizing. With a blend of mineral-rich sea salt, magnesium, zinc, copper, and water it helps promote cell turnover while leaving my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.  


MZ Wallace makes the most stylish and functional handbags. I’ve had one slung under my shoulder for the past ten years, and they make my day-to-day life so much easier because I just know where my stuff lands. Compartments? Check.  Extra pockets? Check. Sturdy hardware? Check. On trend, whimsical colors? Check. A tad pricey, but worth it all the way. They’re also a women-owned, do-good brand I love supporting.


And if you’re plagued by post-menopausal leg and toe cramps in the middle of the night, this supplement could be your game-changer. Besides water and potassium, magnesium glycinate helps calm the nervous system and relaxes the muscles both of which help promote more restful sleep. While other forms of magnesium are rough on the stomach, this one is quite gentle. Seek advice from your doctor on whether you or not you could benefit from taking magnesium before bedtime. My doctor advised me on proper dosing to reap the benefits, without over-doing it. The brand I most prefer is Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Glycinate.


Finally, how can we think about spring without mentioning the trees budding and allergy suffering. These delicious Manuka Honey Pops by Wedderspoon aren’t just for the kiddos. They are lifesavers that soothe my itchy, scratchy throat. I also suck on one when I’ve got a cold or when I'm anxious. Available in an assortment of cherry, grape, and orange flavors that boast no medicinal after-taste.