• March 2022
  • Elena Frankel

March Picks

Kettlebell. I love a good kettlebell workout. It’s the most efficient way for me to get a mix of cardio and strength training in one hit. The ones from Target are the most comfortable to swing and come in sweet colors. Kettlebell (available in various weights).


Chan Luu Evil Eye pendant. This amazing designer from Vietnam has been a favorite of mine for decades. She mixes modernity and delicateness with ancient inspiration.  Chan Luu Evil Eye Collection. 


Flyte.70 Chiseled Lip. This is one of my favorite products we created for Flyte.70. To add the appearance of more volume and definition to the lips, I lightly sketch the stylus along my natural lip line, feather in a bit of color toward the center and dab my favorite lip balm right on top. The result is natural and refined.  Chiseled Lip


Ritual Vitamins: My favorite vitamin subscription with targeted supplement blends for the needs of specific age-groups. The Women 50+ version contains vitamins D3 and K2, Omega fatty acids, B12, Magnesium, and more to keep us all on top of our game. Ritual


Muses Greek Honey Aegean Thyme, On yogurt, on fruit, on salad: I always add a bit of Greek honey to ensure I satisfy my sweet tooth in a natural way. I started using it more regularly after coming back from my last trip to Greece. I quickly realized how much more willing I am to get my daily servings of fresh fruit and vegetables when I add a light drizzle to them. Sofia’s Greek Panty in Belmont and Lowell, MA has the most expansive selection of Greek honey that I’ve seen on our shores. http://www.sophiasgreekpantry.com