• November 2022
  • Elena Frankel

powder? Non merci.


Dewy, glowy, glassy skin has been all the rage in the post-Covid era.  Who doesn’t want radiant, luminous skin?  A finishing or setting powder still has a place in your makeup regime, but it’s important to choose wisely. In your thirties, you might start to notice some subtle, unwelcome changes.


By the time you hit your forties and fifties, hormones really start to affect not only your overall well-being, but your skin as well. Your once youthful skin tone now might look and feel dull, dry, and fatigued.  So why would you need a setting powder like The Final Act.Lucid Finishing Powder?  Because there are still areas on your face that tend to have unwanted shine. A sheer, veil-like powder with ingredients that help keep your skin supple can offer a flattering, soft-focus finish without dulling out your glow. Soft brightening and color-correcting shades are also big supports to washed-out complexions. 


I love my everyday highlighter and sheer foundation but I don’t like to look shiny in certain areas, so it’s important for me to be strategic. For everyday use, a weightless powder just softens my overall look without adding coverage or chalkiness. And on Zoom calls, it simply tampers down that unwanted spotlight of shine from my camera.