• October 2022
  • Elena Frankel

Classic Reinvented.

Back in the 80s and 90s, there was a lipstick that was a cult classic.  Everyone owned it and everyone wore it. The problem was that there was barely any pigment to it, despite looking so dark and moody. It also felt kind of waxy and didn't have much in the way of any beneficial conditioning ingredients. But we still just had to have it. 

We created Wishing Well as an ode to this classic we used to adore. The idea was that we still wanted it to look somewhat intimidating in the tube, but it was essential that it give off a wonderful surprise of a flattering, sheer warm raisin shade. It looks modern on lighter skin tones and gives a bitten-lip tint on deeper ones. You can apply one layer for a popsicle tint (without too much of a blue undertone) or add multiple layers for possible evidence of a just-sipped glass of merlot.  

While I love to wear it all year round, in the fall it just feels right at home. It pairs beautifully with cozy sweaters, lugged boots, and smudged, smoky eyes. It is literally my swipe-and-go, and the easiest way to look a bit more pulled together.