• September 2022
  • Elena Frankel

Holy Glow Grail

At the age of fifty-two, I have already lost a hefty dose of my once youthful glow, so launching a highlighter that women over forty would actually use was a top priority from the start. We have tried so many different formulas over the years. Too sparkly. Too shiny. Too greasy. Too glassy. Too sticky. Too subtle. Too metallic. A highlighter can easily put an unwanted spotlight on textured skin, so it was crucial that we developed a formula that would reflect away from an uneven, dull surface instead. 

Enter GlowBack.Lucent Light, in two gorgeous candlelit shades that softly illuminate and add a beautiful ambient glow to the skin. There are no rose gold, lavender, or cool pink tones which often appear unnatural. The goal was to create the most believable, sophisticated radiance by using platinum, champagne beige, and warm golden apricot tones.

 I am so loyal to this little compact that I have hit the pan not once, but twice, which is a rarity for me. The creamy, suede-like finish feels luxurious  and applies with complete ease. Micronized diamond powder is the magic that makes this highlighter shine like, well, a diamond. With just a few delicate taps on the highest points of my cheekbones and along the cupid’s bow, and I’ve got my twenty-year old glow back, minus the skinny, over-plucked brows.