Our Vision

To empower with makeup that’s better than basic and create modern timeless essentials that work in sync with evolving skin.

Face powders cracked open to reveal colorful dust


Flyte.70 is a beauty brand for those of us who feel as youthful as we were when the number of candles on our birthday cake was cut by half. We create makeup that looks and feels modern and luxurious, and that works with—not against—the concerns of grown-up skin. By using safe and effective formulas that ensure healthy luminosity, we help you create a bumped-up version of you—beautiful yet authentic, and polished, not “perfect.” 

Flyte.70 is for those who understand that life is about embracing, not fighting, change. It’s for those of us who reject the “cloak of invisibility” that social media and marketing assigns to us as we age. It’s for those of us who understand that no matter how many layers of full-coverage concealer or contour sticks we apply, we won’t magically transform into our 20-year-old selves—and that’s more than okay.

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we care about


For thousands of years, society has taught us that women become less valuable and less attractive as they age, and should be disregarded. At Flyte.70, we fully reject this notion. We believe the visible changes that come with age reflect a woman's beauty evolution, as well as the skill and vision she has developed over a lifetime of accomplishment, heartbreak, and joy.


We’re on a mission against “age dysmorphia”—that little voice in our heads, absorbed from social and print media that caters to people under 30, plus decades of being told we’re not enough. Flyte.70 celebrates you, whatever stage of life you’re in.



As our lives evolve, our priorities shift. We become parents, advisers, caretakers, and schedule managers for everyone around us, including our aging parents. We rush from school drop-offs to the office, games and recitals, receptions, and appointments. We morph into the ultimate multitaskers, often putting everyone in our lives before ourselves. With Flyte.70, we aim to bring back some of those self-care rituals that seem so small but have a huge effect on our well-being.



There’s just one Earth, and we need to be better stewards of it. We are committed to using 100% recyclable material for all our shipping materials and FSC-certified recyclable paper for all our beautiful product cartons. Most of our products are made with up to 30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material, some with aluminum, and one has a refillable option. As manufacturing capabilities evolve, so will we.

Our Founders

Flyte.70 was founded by Elena Frankel and Carolyn Quan, pioneers of the beauty boutique concept in the US in the 1990s and 2000s. Their niche store, E6 apothecary, was a longtime darling of the cosmetics scene, thanks to their forward-thinking approach to stocking then-indie brands like Tarte, Too Faced, Philosophy, Shu Uemura, Bliss, Tocca, Aesop, and Becca. 


E6 had a devoted national and international following, and was featured in Vogue, InStyle, O, and Travel + Leisure, among others. In addition, the shop was voted “Best of Boston” for beauty shopping by Boston Magazine for five consecutive years, a feat they are still enormously proud of today. 

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Our Commitment

Proud to be vegan, cruelty-free, Leaping-Bunny Certified and EU Compliant. Our safe and highly effective formulas are made from responsibly sourced natural and synthetic ingredients. This good-for-you approach means you’ll never sacrifice quality, texture, pigment, or wearability. Read our full formulation statement.

No animal testing
Leaping bunny certified

We’re mindful of the impact we have on the planet, and work toward as small a footprint as possible. Most of Flyte.70’s primary packaging is up to 30% post-consumer recycled content. All secondary (outer) packaging is FSC certified. 

FSC Certified paper
up to 30% pcr material
Certified Plastic Neutral


Both our shipping materials and FSC-certified secondary (outer) packaging is 100% recyclable in your paper/cardboard waste container. For recycling of palettes, lip glosses, pressed powders, mascaras and more, we’ve partnered with Pact Collective’s Mail-Back Program.

Together we are closing the loop on the industry’s hard-to-recycle packaging. We invite our US customers to mail 5-10 clean, empty beauty packages to Pact’s recycling facility. Our goal: as little packaging sent to the landfill or making its way into the ocean as possible.

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