Wabi-Sabi HazyCheek.Crème


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Remember the Island of Misfit Toys?


It’s where many of us first learned that perfection can be boring. Even thoughtless and uncaring.


Turns out, there are products in otherwise perfect condition aside from a crooked label, lightly torn or dented box, a compact that's a little bit harder to open, or a mark on the carton, that some will refuse to purchase, especially retailers.  But manufacturing is never 100% perfect, so there are these imperfectly perfect products out there that have no home.


Enter the Flyte.70 Wabi Sabi Sale. You can now purchase items like these for 40-50% off the retail price. Each month new items will be uploaded on our website, so please check back often. As we find more 'misfits,' we will put them up for sale...FINAL SALE (no ifs, ands or buts). 


We hate waste. It hurts us and the planet to see products like these ended up in landfills due to minor manufacturing flaws. This program also makes our products more accessible to all. 


If the thought of a misaligned label, a compact that's a little harder to open, or a slightly torn box doesn't make you bat a lash, then this sale is for you. We guarantee that the inside (where the important stuff lives) is unused, untouched, and unaffected. They may not be 100% perfect, but they're 100% usable. Let's keep these beautiful misfits out of the landfills and be more responsible consumers and habitants of our planet. 


**When purchasing a Wabi Sabi product from Flyte.70, please acknowledge and accept that the item(s) you will receive will be a bit of a surprise. :) And that you'll be ok with that. 


HazyCheek.Crème is a smooth and dewy buildable cheek balm made for all skin types. Mastic Gum refines the surface of the skin, Fatty Acids condition and lock in moisture while Vitamin E nourishes and protects.  A quick dab-and-blend leaves you looking effortlessly refreshed, while buildable coverage gives you the option of more flush on days when you could use a little more of a boost.


Pairs beautifully with...

  1. HazyCheek.Crème is super-buildable, allowing you to achieve different levels of intensity, from sheer to dramatic.

  2. In a pinch, this crème blush can also be dabbed onto lips for instant color.